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Alot has happened since i had last used LJ

Last year we has managed to get a new building that is very large compared to the one on Deming. Its a church and has a living area attached to it. It has taken alot of time to clean up and we are mostly there. I have my own office with has a server, my machine, and the printers. Its a decent size room for me; It is also where I manage the network. Lion and Guinea pig have their own offices near my own. We run a internet radio station which plays my music, and an internet tv station that broadcasts religious content and live shows from the studio. Everything else is going well along with the other people that live with us as a community, with me as the IT guy as well as the driver.

Hey everyone

Wow its been a long time since i have used this system, hope there are still alot of others on here still.

had fun at roswell pride

Went to roswell pride, here is new mexico. Had fun there even if i was nervous with all the people. One cool thing is that i got to mess with the 10 protesters that showed up, blasted them with my car stereo on max and drowned them out by 70% with Super Metroid Techno.

Quick loud speaker/PA system

I have an awesome idea take one of those small FM transmitters and combine it with a laptop you could park cars close together and turn up the stereos and have an instant Loudspeaker and drown out protesters. The amp on the laptop with the right kind of volume adjustment would make a clear loud signal, just make sure the vehicle broadcasting has sound dampening to prevent feed back. I was experimenting today with my transmitter and figured it out.

first veggie harvested

Harvested my first squash today, with how it appears it looks like a hybrid squash gourd. looks like its skin is more like a squash and is soft enough to use easily. Pepper plants are ready to flower in a little, cant wait to see how many peppers will come from them.

bday today

Yay. today is my birthday :)

My new store maybe opening soon

I have decided what I am going to do as a job, I will be trying to get a store space at the local indoor flea market and set up a computer repair and retail outlet. It seems to make sense to bring in some extra income. The space itself is only $75 a month and I can try to add some other items to the lineup. Gaming stuff will be a minor aspect of the shop.

May. 20th, 2012

Annular eclipse 2012 on Comanche hill, too a while to get better shots. It turns out my camera camera goes to ISO 64 and 100 as well as the usual higher numbers wish I knew that before I started. hehe.



political rant

If the conservatives are complaining about there being activist judges, why cant they see that they are doing the same thing by putting more conservatives into the courts and allowing their own activist groups to push people around by becoming morality police? It seems wrong in what is supposed to be a free society. Americans should not have to be pushed one way or another to keep true freedom. Those extremists claim to be moral and ethical, but prove to be unable to keep those promises!
I have a fursuit that is a huggabear that picked up locally and was wanting to change it into an otter, it is a back zipper type. It has a fiberglass head with a halo on the inside (i have not been able to wear it correctly while i suited). This is something for me to have done before the UFO festival and be able to get some suiting done. I have money stored up right now and will be able to make payments if you would like to.

What I want to add is a tan colored fur to the chest and belly, have darker fur added to the lower arms and legs. I wish to also have a tail added near where the original one is.

better to have it as an otter rather than a certain kind of bear if you know what i mean.

- PJ Skunk