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Garden part 2

Hehe, I have expanded the garden by a few feet to the east and added some native dirt and them got some miracle grow garden soil from sams club since it is only $5 a bag. It appears to be the perfect mix, now i just gotta grow stuff in the planter and then transplant. This year the peppers will be segregated so they wont crossbreed so we can reuse the seeds next year.

Gardening has started

Today i have installed the wood borders around my garden and have added some miracle soil mixture to enrich the area. The plants I have been growing in a planter have started to be moved into the ground with Mesclun as the first thing. I have layed out a decent sized area being on the east side of the house. Greens are good!

Solar flare aftermath report

It has not even been mentioned by the news, but here two nights ago the sky was covered with an ionized haze that had reduced the moons luminosity significantly like when you use a green filter on a telescope and went away gradually. after the rest of the particles hit when they said it would, the weather was changed and throughout the day we saw the odd coloration of the sky and sudden cold snap. the only reaction with electronics was a power drain on some cell phone battery packs, one was drained by half while another was drained by a few bars.

Solar Weather Advisory

Warning: There is strong solar activity approaching. Between 1am - 5am EST. It is advisable to shut down all electronics in case it causes severe electromagnetic disruption.

airship has its lift without much trouble

I had found the solution for my airship models flight. I found my weather balloons were good and that hydrogen production is cheap and easy. If i can get the proper fittings i can seperate the oxygen with a scrubber and fill the balloon from the rig. static is not a problem if static is reduced. I know people will discourage me, but i gotta try anyway, since precautions can easily be taken and i understand them well.

Meteorite sighting

Just as i was coming back from across town I had seen a meteorite come down in the sky an hour or so past sun down, it was traveling north and than took a 110o turn and went toward the western horizon. Object was white and and shimmered a couple of times before disappearing at around 5:40 PM Mst.
As you may know, I have my own internet radio station. ( http://www.mephitvalley.com ) I was wondering if anyone knows of downloads or a list i can use to broadcast on my station. I had actually been thinking of it for a whiles so that i can create more ab/dl, babyfur, and lilfur friendly organizations on the internet.

I had also been working on balancing my playlist for a while and seem to have gotten the mix right, and this makes me able to have a lil ones time block around what our naptimes could probably be at; several hours long blocks.

-PJ Skunk
Station operator
New Mexico Desert had been changed to Mephit Valley Radio, be sure to tune in @ http://sc5.spacialnet.com:30112/listen.pls

had bad luck the last few weeks

I have had a really bad off week, just seems like it was 2 weeks of bad luck. I had been embarassed quite a few times, being people not understanding what i was saying. These past few days had me stuck laying down with severe back pain with some spasms. hope i did not act too badly.

Star Trek vanity plate

Had been messing with my custom license plate trying to see how to make it look nicer. it said MASAMUN, i had added the E. But i had found that someone already has an akira class ship with that name in an online RP group. I may have to print an entirely new plate for a saber class starship as that is what the car is a Buick Le Sabre.